1st Nov 2011
UPDATE: so, this page has been here since Nov2010, and it’s already Nov2011! that’s an entire year. as you can see (hi reader of this blog, i didn’t know you exist but thanks for coming around), i haven’t actually gotten much done. in fact, i have no idea if some of these places are even there anymore! but, i have a hunch that i’m gonna want to hunt them down. (: think it’s time to start placing some calls and making some reservations. things have happened in the last year, and my philosophies on life are definitely changing. a year ago i said “food (is) something you eat to survive rather than as something you live for” but i’m taking my words back. after coming back from two trips in cambodia within a 6month period, my appetite greatly decreased. and the only reason why i’m eating more now is because i’ve been reading about diets that i have to eat (to keep my metabolism running) in order to lose weight. but the catch is, NO CARBS. and if you know what my house is like, we’ve only got carbs and processed food. >.< so here’s my bid to go back to healthy eating. sure, maybe not all of these foods are healthy, but, it’s a start to eating unprocessed and properly cooked food, i guess.

in this update, i’m adding an overseas list.
so cheers, here’s to the next year of food experiences.


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