3rd Week of September.


i think right now the most apt lyrics that i can think of is “wake me up when September ends” cause October seems to be chock full of exciting things and well, it’s also gonna kickstart the 2month countdown to getting that kickass bod for zoukout as well as the super, super anticipated Bali trip in December. nothing much has changed at work, still as unchallenging as ever and i’m learning to just take my time to do stuff. i think that’s something about me that i gotta learn. i usually live life in the fast lane, have been and probably will always be? my motto’s probably “live fast, die young” (cause bad girls do it well. heh, though i ain’t no bad girl.) i cannot stand wasting time because there’s so much to do, so much to experience and i’m so afraid that i’ll be dying young, so let’s pack it all in baby. hahas. but i guess to a certain extent, i’ve gotta learn to stop and smell the rose here and there.

haven’t been to mambo for about a month-ish now because of work and i hear that THEY’RE KILLING MAMBO. fts. from the main room to phuture and now to oblivion, only to be revived on the even of public holidays. next week is going to be the last mambo, EVER cause the silly PH ones don’t actually count cause they’re probably not on wednesdays. i’m definitely going to go next week for my very last proper, good mambo. and as usual, i hope that the music’s as good as the “last mambo” that they had when they moved it out of the main room. i’m honestly going to miss this wednesday night reverie. too bad i couldn’t go the last few weeks. lesigh. i think W is planning a midautumn lantern thingy as well. so i might bring a paper lantern. it’s so readily avaliable near my office. they sell it in like, HUGE CARDBOARD BOXES. but i think i really miss my younger days when paper lanterns were so much cheaper. now they feel like a rip off. i blame inflation.

i think i need more pictures on my blog. but i don’t actually take that many these days. need to go back to camwhore mode, especially since i’ve got an iPhone now, no not the 5. i refuse to go queue up, i’m un-Singaporean like that (well, unless it’s for something big and important, which i haven’t met with yet.)

i think recently my style’s been changing up a bit. i tend to dress up a little more on the weekends in a certain way. i’m really obsessed with the whole tuck my shirt into my skirt thing that’s going on right now (above), and did i mention, i bought a pair ofI MINT GREEN pants. so proud of myself. i think it’s a personal mission to turn my wardrobe (which is kinda in disarry right now cause *sighs* i don’t have enough hangers, again) into a RAINBOW. that goes for my shoe cupboard as well. i got bright pink, green, sky blue and silver shoes right now. i’m aiming for red, orange, yellow, purple, gold pairs.my mum is seriously gonna kill me (not because i spend a fortune, i don’t, my shoes are like $10. or less.) because there’s almost no more space in that floor to ceiling shoe cabinet that she built for me and my sis. hurhur. i blame my heels. they need to “lie down” cause mummy didn’t think my heels would go that high. ><

OMG. i just realized something. FFFDJBC texted me, THEY TEXTED ME BECAUSE I WAS A MUDDLEHEAD. i forgot to leave my email. lucky they were really really nice and asked for it, or else, there goes my application for this year. </3 GAHH. i really hope i get in. *crosses finger, toes and whatever else can be crossed*

i’m excited for Restaurant Week and Sweet Charity that’s happening next month! totally into the whole foodie thing in October cause it comes only once a year. all the AWESOME restaurants for Restaurant Week are unfortunately all booked already. the girls and i decided to go to SQUE for dinner on the first day of RW2012 cause it’s really damn rare that we all get together these days. we’re all super busy, especially after graduating (me and pokkie being the last two). i miss the days we met like, EVERYDAY of the week, especially our mad clubbing period where we just stayed over at one person’s house for the entire week. gosh, i miss our BKK trip, first ever overseas trip where ALL 4 of us were there. the madness that happens when we’re all together is just love.

I really, really hope we get to go back to Hummerstons in October as planned. heh. *crosses fingers i’ve got enough to last me the month* October is going to be really expensive, i swear. but if it’s all for a good cause/things i like/spending time with good friends, WHY NOT! mm, 1.75 months since i met V, haven’t been able to meet him at all recently, the boy moved into hall which is all the way in the WEST. at least when he was home, he could drive over and we could go to supper. hais. imh. alot. interco mike yankee. still amazed i can remember those codes. i wonder what would’ve happened if i really had signed on that dotted line.

anyways, BISTRO DU VIN tonight with the girls and a movie after. TGIF people, i’m leaving the office, soonish. (:


About QuelynRebekkah

a twenty (plus) year old who loves to live life as spectacularly as possible. working hard and playing even harder is the motto i follow in life cause i want to always carpe diem. life's short and we don't know what's gonna happen, so i'd rather do all the stupid things now then regret later. (: i'm ironic, controversial, sensational, and of course, quirky and random. the ironic part about my whole life is everyone knows me to be a social butterfly, but i mainly like to be a loner. hahs. you didn't believe that, did you. but i really like to spend time alone, by myself. if you're reading this, good for you. welcome to my life and enjoy the stories that i'm sharing.

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