short term, long term.


close to 24hours. think it’s time to close another chapter of life, my life. i guess i’ve been closing too many chapters this year. and just fyi my dear readers, what i mean by closing chapters is what happens when someone leaves my life (whether because they’ve passed on or because they’ve walked away/out of my life) or when a certain event or period of my life comes to an end (like, a graduation). today, i think i’ll be closing a chapter that’s barely started, but i don’t want to be hurt or disappointed anymore, so i’d rather close this chapter for now. maybe in the future, i might open it, maybe. or maybe that person involved might open a new chapter for us. but for now, i’m closing it. just like how i closed that chapter with Z, i think it’s time to close the chapter with V. 

260812; short term, long term goals. 

i think i’ve mostly got it into my mind that i want to scale Mt. Everest. it started a few months ago when i started dreaming of scaling mountains, and obviously the most publicized one is Everest. for some reason, i’ve decided that i want to scale that summit by 30, so here i go. dream/goal Everest30, that’s what i’m going to blog it as. of course, during the next 7 years, i’m definitely going to start training and climbing other mountains as well.

as i research on the climb towards Everest right now, i think what i can work on NOW at this very moment is my fitness, and that’s where i’m starting. i need to make sure or rather, plan out my workout schedule. i don’t want to overstretch myself for now because other than dance, i haven’t really had any physical trainings. i’m not in a good condition, my ankle still hurts, and my diet is slowly getting better, but it’s still junked up. there’s so many things that i need to change/alter and it’s gotta start somewhere here and now. i’m cleaning out my diet, slowly but surely. i’m starting on my fitness, also slowly but surely. 

but other than the 7years, i’ve got exactly 100days to get into a lot better a shape for zoukout. it’s gonna be 3days (or so i heard) of partying with a hopefully awesome lineup. i have no idea how 3days of partyin is going to go about, but i’m slowly getting ready for it. and in this 100days, i’m going to try and lose another 5kgs at least. abs, well that’s gotta wait for next year. so short term goal’s gonna definitely be getting into shape for zoukout so that i can buy that well deserved new bikini. my old one’s getting quite worn out already. 

quelyn, we’re closing a chapter and starting a new one today. 
don’t be sad, don’t be disappointed. focus.


About QuelynRebekkah

a twenty (plus) year old who loves to live life as spectacularly as possible. working hard and playing even harder is the motto i follow in life cause i want to always carpe diem. life's short and we don't know what's gonna happen, so i'd rather do all the stupid things now then regret later. (: i'm ironic, controversial, sensational, and of course, quirky and random. the ironic part about my whole life is everyone knows me to be a social butterfly, but i mainly like to be a loner. hahs. you didn't believe that, did you. but i really like to spend time alone, by myself. if you're reading this, good for you. welcome to my life and enjoy the stories that i'm sharing.

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