Dear God,


I know that it’s been a long time, and I know that I haven’t been exactly the best behaved person on this planet. But dear God, please don’t let me lose V. I know what I did wrong, and I regret (maybe not totally, but to a large extent. that is another repentence for another time. ><) my actions. Please, don’t let him find out, please. I really don’t think I can take another loss this week. Too many people have been leaving and/or betraying my trust and I’m getting tired. Please just leave this one person here for now God. Dear God, please make J keep his promise, even if those promises were lies at that point of time, please make them truths.

God, I know V’s not supposed to be here for the long term, but for now please let him be around. Please.


About QuelynRebekkah

a twenty (plus) year old who loves to live life as spectacularly as possible. working hard and playing even harder is the motto i follow in life cause i want to always carpe diem. life's short and we don't know what's gonna happen, so i'd rather do all the stupid things now then regret later. (: i'm ironic, controversial, sensational, and of course, quirky and random. the ironic part about my whole life is everyone knows me to be a social butterfly, but i mainly like to be a loner. hahs. you didn't believe that, did you. but i really like to spend time alone, by myself. if you're reading this, good for you. welcome to my life and enjoy the stories that i'm sharing.

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