it’s been a long week.


yeah, it has been a really long week of ups and downs. started my new job on wednesday and other than it being too slack at the moment cause the boss is out of town for over a week, i don’t have anything much to blog about it at the moment. it’s not exactly challenging, neither is is something that will become too mundane after awhile. but it’s definitely not something that i’d want to do in the long term because i need a challenge. maybe that’s why i’m always trying to push myself physically, because in singapore, none of the jobs that i’ve encountered has ever challenged me mentally. i need that mental challenge and thus, i need to find that job that gives me just that. 

on a sadder note, too many downs happened this week. one of my close friend is leaving (close to) for good. we drank to it for a good farewell. one of my other close friends, okay, honestly my exboyf, well he passed on too. at my age, it’s a little too young for him to pass on. he barely passed his 23rd birthday and he’s gone just like that. got the news on wednesday after a the little farewell party for D. got home, got back into a cab and went to zouk to drink with C. and got quite drunk. and no, i’m not going to apologize for it because i needed that break or i’d have cried the whole night and ended up not going to work the next day. but here’s where the third down of the week came, in the form of a female who is just an acquaintance. yes, you have me on facebook, you follow me on twitter, but that doesn’t mean you are my friend. so if you are my friend, you will help me. if you aren’t then just don’t bother about me. i don’t see why you have to when you don’t want to. defeats the purpose doesn’t it? 

but i guess here, i see the difference between true friends and the flaky ones who pretend to be your friend only for the good times and ditch you in the bad times. and i only pray for more true friends who will not leave my side because those are the friends whom you will need to walk through life with you, not the ones who are pretty, or the ones who have the most fun, but the ones who will sit with you in the quiet, who will scold you when you’re screwing with your own life, who will be there for you in the most trying of times.


About QuelynRebekkah

a twenty (plus) year old who loves to live life as spectacularly as possible. working hard and playing even harder is the motto i follow in life cause i want to always carpe diem. life's short and we don't know what's gonna happen, so i'd rather do all the stupid things now then regret later. (: i'm ironic, controversial, sensational, and of course, quirky and random. the ironic part about my whole life is everyone knows me to be a social butterfly, but i mainly like to be a loner. hahs. you didn't believe that, did you. but i really like to spend time alone, by myself. if you're reading this, good for you. welcome to my life and enjoy the stories that i'm sharing.

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