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hello from paris!


think my London post didn’t load and is currently lost in cyberspace. did i do a bangkok post? i can’t remember. i’ve been traveling so much the last few weeks, i came remember what day it is anymore. all i know is which city i’m in and that i’m missing someone more and more as each day goes by.

not going to do a paris post now, i’m freezing in mcdonalds, using their WiFi while having myself a croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream. decided to splurge a little today cause i didn’t spend much with a whole day at the lourve.

bangkok, and met H. i never really thought i would meet someone there, especially after the struggle with J. i guess you’d aggaration know what was going on with J if you read my blog, or not. i don’t talk much about the boys on the blog anymore because they’re not important. but H, he’s important. the most important guy in my life so far, surpassing both C and J. hmm, i need to tell H about C since he knows about J already.

i’ll admit that both H and i know that what we have now is just a crush. we don’t know each other very well, but we’re willing to give whatever we have a try. i’m excited yet nervous when it comes to H. for many reasons. but i’m looking forward to what this may turn out to be. we’ve been keeping contact throughout my stay here in europe though it gets a little hard because of the 7/6hours time difference between us. and a lot of times, i feel that i’m already starting to invest a lot in him because of what
i’m feeling right now and what i’m thinking of constantly.

i really hope and pray that things will work out for good between us. because a lot of the time, i’m starting to feel he could be that stability to my airy fairy imaginative self. (:


hello there from KLIA.


it’s the day that i’ve been waiting for since before the exams started and YES, A NEW CHAPTER. okay, i’ve got about an hour plus before my connecting flight to london from KL and i got lucky cause i found a computer terminal that’s connected to the internet, and i didn’t have to pay for it. hehe. *thanks my lucky stars* i’m typing a little slower than usual because i just painted my nails while sitting in burger king. lols. damn funny cause i’ve never painted my nails in a fast food restaurant before.

i guess before i begin with europe, i better blog about bangkok! *beams* one helluva exciting trip for me because i was the only one of the girlies who’ve never been to bangkok before! virgin trip and i was greeted with a nasty taxi driver. we took a night flight in and reached past midnight local time because as usual, airasia turn around flights are mostly delayed. checked into the hotel, dropped our bags and hit the ground running, somewhat literally. straight to club because kangy and pokkie were there already waiting for us at RCA Slim where andrew and ghetto spin occasionally when they’re in thailand. was quite an interesting experience because the thai clubs were slightly different from zouk/butterfac. we went straight up to the second floor where there were bottles. like, how awesome. it felt a little “member area”-ish, but i didn’t feel the atmosphere that was on the first floor. music was good, slightly different from what we were used to, but overall, awesome. club hopped but failed cause the club was closing early.

day two, essentially, day one because it was still the day we just reached bangkok and adventured around our hotel area with beekie. AWESOME MAX. the street food was ohmyfreakinggod, i can fall in love with it and eat it everyday! spicy and sour and oily and fried and blahblahblah, overall just a culinary heaven. wish i had more time there so that i could eat everything i saw. my tummy space is quite limited, so that was a pitfall. went shopping in the platinum/something area because it was raining and we couldn’t go to chatuchak (sigh, i wanted to) but, it was still awesome. bought so many clothes it just filled the entire bed! we actually were 5kg over in excess baggage when we left. had my pad thai and tomyum soup. mm, had coffee stars, but it was quite a letdown. clubbed again at night and it was a night that started out blah-ish that turned awesome for me. heh, no details here people. let’s just say the music was awesome and the company was great. made a few new friends who were also (current) shearites. hmm, come to think of it, i actually miss hall life a lot. and the boy didn’t want to go for sheares supper  the other day, so that’s one thing i miss. sheares chickennnnn. >.< and the spicy fried rice (which i heard is no longer for sale?)

third day was short. breakfast, a little shopping and McD’s! omg, they have like this wasabi mayo that’s really awesome! if only singapore had that, i’d eat macs every other day, no week, no … can’t decide. i’ll just buy the sauce. hahas. flew home, unpacked, packed for europe and was back at changi by 5am. meh. didn’t get much sleep, but i hope i get to fall asleep on the flight to london. 13/14 hours? *crosses fingers*

i’m excited about the month ahead. it’s not going to be easy to maintain some new and old connections at home, but i’m going to try my best. i miss my bed already, and i miss J. sigh. but, let’s look forward to the month ahead. going to try to keep in contact with H even though it’s going to be hard. and definitely J. he’s one i really want to talk to everyday, hopefully. and korie. i miss my korie. ): rawrs. and i’ll miss mambo. omgomgomg. 4mambos without me. i shall find people on wednesday nights to mambo with, i dunch care.

heh, okay. think it’s about time for me to get going. bye for now. (:



020512; i closed two chapters of my life. firstly, and one that i am proclaiming with loads of faith, that this chapter of academia is closed for now. not that i’m never going back to the university because i do intend to do my masters in a university with the subjects of my choice. i chose not to do my honours in NUS because the faculty staff was limited in the scope of topics that i could do. not their fault because NUS doesn’t cover those issues and topics in my major. so when the time comes, i’ll definitely be looking further out in the world to do my masters. secondly, J and i ended it off and chose to remain as friends and hopefully, he’ll still be my companion. another chapter that i have to forcefully close, though i have a feeling there’ll always be cracks luring me to continue what i felt for him but, i’ll have to move on. there is someone to move on to, and he’s really wanting to make us work. R’s been trying to put in alot of effort when it comes to me, and i appreciate that effort, but i’ve been busy with school and exams and before you know it, i’m flying off for my trips. i don’t want to open another chapter with R just yet because i don’t know him that well, neither do i have the feelings that he has for me, and i don’t want to lead him on. got that message across to him loud and clear, i hope. i’m willing to try it out and see where this goes, but i don’t want to give him too many hopes and expectations.

040512; beginning a new chapter of my life, a rather short but exciting one. (: traveling to bangkok (for the first time!) with my clique (for the first time!) of besties. and i’m really looking forward to it even though it’s only a mere two days that me and beek are going to be there. the four of us have been friends since the end of 2008 and i’m glad that these girls are the ones who’ve been together through so many of my ups and downs. i like how we’ve grown up together, closer than ever. how we stand by each other’s side no matter what. these girls have seen me drunk, seen my crying, seen me happy, seen me heartbroken and they’ve been with me all the way through the changes in my personal character and life choices. (: this group of girls is not a chapter, but a recurring theme in every single chapter from now till forever.

070512; i think this chapter is the highlight of my life. EUROPE. (: first time i’m stepping on that continent (bucketlist, checked!) and i’m visiting 5, if you count brussels, 6 cities (2012goals, checked!) so it’s going to be a whirlwind one month. i really want to make the most out of this trip. it’s not cheap, definitely not cheap. and i want to make sure i get all the adventure that i can out of this trip. i have a feeling that it will really change my outlook on life, and that’s why i did not continue with my plans to sign on as of yet. it’ll be a time to stand in wonder at the ancient structures in front of me and maybe, take a quiet day or two off to sit down and really reflect.



shouldn’t be so silly, shouldn’t be so foolish,
but let me let it out once and for all.
and then i’m done here.

and it finally caught up on us.
you were close in your guess,
but not close enough to the truth.
so close yet so far, the same four letters,
spelled differently.

whispered my goodbyes,
waiting for the plane,
but in my heart, i’m still dancing,
with you in the summer rain.

我依然愛你 就是 唯一的退路
我依然珍惜 時時刻刻的幸福
你每個呼吸 每一個動作 每個表情
到最後 一定會 依然愛你

all about us


take my hand, i’ll teach you to dance
spin you around, won’t let you fall down
would you let me lead, you can step on my feet
give it a try, it’ll be alright..

this song reminds me about you, about us. he is we has always been one of my favourite bands since i first discovered them before they got onto the airwaves. and sometimes i wish they’d play this song at the place we met. and though it’s not the style of dance there, maybe we could slow dance together. but that’s something that will never happen, a faraway dream of mine that will never come to pass because there’s just so much standing between us. you know best about people not knowing what they want, because you’re one of them too, aren’t you. but, i’m not going to question anything you do. because i accept you for who you are, accept the circumstances that you are in, accept the position that i am in. and i don’t hope for anything to change, at least not for now, until you finally know what it is that you want.

ily, or maybe just like you a lot. but i won’t hope for anything.
because what we have now, is more than enough.

eyes on you, eyes on me
we’re doing this right. (: