Monthly Archives: July 2011

it’s all about us


“do you hear that, love?
they’re playing our song.”


and i find myself.


quelyn, you’re being silly again. putting whatever these feelings are into one place. you know it’ll bring nothing but heartache, but you do it all the same. how silly can you get? quelyn, get out. please. i beg you.

July 2nd


it’s a saturday, the second day of july. started the day conversing with a friend of mine about molecular gastronomy, making me hungry and craving for what i can’t have – italian, french, japanese. food that i’m unable to consume due to my current indisposed (aka. sick) state. didn’t really look forward to work, which was surprisingly okay despite the number of mean callers i faced today. thanks to my two friends who were texting words of encouragement. (: it’s really important to have friends!

but the highlight of the day – booking a trip to KRABI! 1st to 4th August. thanks to my buddy C who scoured the internet for deals and airfares. really sorry i couldn’t help buddy, but you one awesome man! this month’s highlights, birthday + mambo anniversary. and a krabi trip to start my august. what more can i ask for to end to holidays with a huge bang! ❤



first day of July, my favourite month of the year. (: but i feel like i’m wasting it at home cause i’m sick. *sigh* i’m craving going to the gym or to a shopping centre or something that doesn’t keep me in this house. but all my friends are telling me to stay home. well, okayy. i’ll admit i haven’t been the best candidate for a “great at taking care of herself” award. simply cause i’m not great at doing that. i’m lucky to have friends who take over that job from me though. (:

on a slightly sadder note, today i saw a notice for a first anniversary mass middle of this month. his death has been at the back of my mind all this while. afterall, someone dying a week after celebrating your birthday with you is something that you’ll remember for a long time to come. hopefully i won’t have work on that day so that i can go for mass.

on a slightly happier note, i’m gonna get my paycheque soon, and gonna quit my job soon. it’s a freak depressing job, but it gets me some wanderlust money. i wanna get a job as an icecream scooper. i do better at PR jobs rather than sit at my desk jobs. wonder what kind of job i’ll get when i graduate.

ohwell, 10th July. goal setting for the next year ahead. (: can’t wait.