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it’s all about us


“do you hear that, love?
they’re playing our song.”


July 2nd


it’s a saturday, the second day of july. started the day conversing with a friend of mine about molecular gastronomy, making me hungry and craving for what i can’t have – italian, french, japanese. food that i’m unable to consume due to my current indisposed (aka. sick) state. didn’t really look forward to work, which was surprisingly okay despite the number of mean callers i faced today. thanks to my two friends who were texting words of encouragement. (: it’s really important to have friends!

but the highlight of the day – booking a trip to KRABI! 1st to 4th August. thanks to my buddy C who scoured the internet for deals and airfares. really sorry i couldn’t help buddy, but you one awesome man! this month’s highlights, birthday + mambo anniversary. and a krabi trip to start my august. what more can i ask for to end to holidays with a huge bang! ❤



first day of July, my favourite month of the year. (: but i feel like i’m wasting it at home cause i’m sick. *sigh* i’m craving going to the gym or to a shopping centre or something that doesn’t keep me in this house. but all my friends are telling me to stay home. well, okayy. i’ll admit i haven’t been the best candidate for a “great at taking care of herself” award. simply cause i’m not great at doing that. i’m lucky to have friends who take over that job from me though. (:

on a slightly sadder note, today i saw a notice for a first anniversary mass middle of this month. his death has been at the back of my mind all this while. afterall, someone dying a week after celebrating your birthday with you is something that you’ll remember for a long time to come. hopefully i won’t have work on that day so that i can go for mass.

on a slightly happier note, i’m gonna get my paycheque soon, and gonna quit my job soon. it’s a freak depressing job, but it gets me some wanderlust money. i wanna get a job as an icecream scooper. i do better at PR jobs rather than sit at my desk jobs. wonder what kind of job i’ll get when i graduate.

ohwell, 10th July. goal setting for the next year ahead. (: can’t wait.