Monthly Archives: May 2011



you put your arms around me and i’m home.




maybe i’m getting a little too dependent for my own good.
because in your arms, i am safe.

at the same time, you’re my greatest weakness.
and i find myself shedding a tear for you.

but it’s not love, it’s just dependence.
i’m not looking to be.



i like the darkness. i like being in the dark. i’m tired of the light. i just want to be your hidden secret.

i’m contented with someone who makes me happy, no promises needed, no forevers needed. just this temporal happiness that can only be found while in the arms of an angel.

if sickness were only a word


about the 12th time i’m falling sick since the start of the year. not boding very well. body’s physically weak, but mind’s so strong-willed and determined for things to happen that it nary allows the body rest.

too many dreams to reach out to,
so little time to make them happen.
no time for rest.

2011’s goals are less than halfway there. come on quelyn, push on.



had an awfully whirlwindish night yesterday. the three boys flew a g6 on me cause they decided that they wanted to go hang at H’s house which was way too far for me. had dinner with the family very moodily, went to the SPP rally for a while and started a major headache. and best thing, R called when i got home and got me all freaking emo.

boy, if you could stop calling for 4months, you don’t have to start now.
and no, i’m not spending summer in america with you.
in your fu*king dreams i’ll fly over.

the night was made better by a new friend of mine. recently i’ve been either grinning at my phone too much or getting the shivers (in a good way i guess) whenever i read his messages. this friend’s presence makes up for a lot of things, especially since the holidays started. can’t actually get a part-time job because wanderlust is taking over. so many things that i want to do, but i can’t.

dear friend, i hope i don’t fall in love with you.
because that’d mean i’d have to leave you.

i woke up at about 3/4am this morning, all of a sudden.
not a very good feeling, but i did manage to fall back into sleep.
my last thought,

what will tomorrow’s sunrise bring?